Meeting rooms


Florence, what a hell of an Italian Town: there is no space at all to seat down, to stand or even to walk.

Ezra Pound

Club Hotel

62 rooms

Joy Hotel

54 rooms

Just in front of the Santa Maria Novella railway station, in the heart of the town, 450 rooms inside 4 facilities are available. A short and comfortable stay for leisure and business customers is here guaranteed. All hotels have an own Meet Space, a congress centre with huge halls with capacity of 180 people and 8 "satallite" day-use meeting rooms.


If you want to understand Milan, you need plunge in it. Plunging, not admiring it ad distance like a work of art that.

Guido Piovene

Rubens Hotel

87 Rooms

The last town approached by c-hotels is Milan, with two facilities of well-defined and separate character. One is at the exit of the Stazione Centrale of Milan, ideal connection to the other towns of Italy. The other one is in a small hinterland town, Binasco, perfectly connette to the fairground District and the forum, although laying far away from the frenetic city life.


I really love Rome: it’s a kind of jungle, warm, quiet, where you can hide yourself properly.

Federico Fellini

Fiume Hotel

57 Rooms

Two elegant and modern styled facilities in a very favourable position. One is close to the Termini Railway-Station and the other one is very close to the Cornelia Metro 1 station. Here you can live inside the town centre without giving up easy and comfortable transport.


Voglio che Rimini sia come Hollywood, come Nashville cioè un luogo del mio immaginario dove i sogni si buttano a mare.

Pier Vittorio Tondelli

In the town where c-hotels has its roots there are still one facility: very close to the seaside, to the services and attractions of the Riviera.

Meet Space

In the three towns where we are present, we provide various meeting and congress solution for your business.

Managing &
Know how

We buy and invest inside our facilities for a continuous growth. We make our know-how available. We are always searching for new adventures and commercial proposals inside the hospitality sector in Italy and abroad.